May 23, 2016


Yr 6 Teacher

Thank you to Evolve for working so spontaneously and creatively with our pupils today. Who could have dreamt that by the end of a day working with 90 pupils, you would have encouraged them to improvise, compose and perform such an emotional roller coaster of a concert, proving that music has the power to tug at the heartstrings, bringing both reflective contemplation and unbridled joy.

It was wonderful to see you work with the children from simple ideas and responses to living in such a fabulous place, to performing their final piece in three parts - each one sufficiently varied in style and yet coming together as a single composition. The children were captivated by their conductors, each one recognising and responding to their own signal, playing in harmony with each other, appreciating both individual and collective effort.

What a treat the audience were in for after school when they heard not only the musical ensemble piece, but also a beautifully melodic, rhythmic and meaningful song - 90 voices filled our school hall, resounding off the walls, touching the hearts of every listener. I swear, I saw more than one person wipe a gentle, appreciative tear from their eye!

Thank you to Ben, Charlie and Beth for making today a day that will stay in the memory of our children for many months, to come. I am sure that for some of them, this will be something they look back on as a moment when they felt inspired to compose their own music.

Today was an inspirational day. Thank you for making it happen and for bringing your special brand of magic to Shaldon and our very lucky children. Awesome!

June 17, 2016


Specialist Music Teacher

What an amazing day we all had.  The children rose to the occasion. Your calm and knowledgeable approach amazed the children and gave them a real insight into a different perspective of composing music along a theme. 

It was great that the children felt they were part of a number of compositions, which fitted together and culminated in a beautifully written song.  They really enjoyed the variety of new instruments available to them and also the fact that they were able to use their own instruments, if they wished.

They children behaved really well, which was down to your preparations and approaches to the day. They were very excited after the concert as they realised that their audience were very receptive and impressed with the quality of their work!

The parents were enthralled by the dexterity of the sounds and the preamble, which provided them with a picture/memory of what story the children were portraying through the music.

There were many parents who found the whole concert an emotional experience, especially the way that the song was performed and the sounds the children had created, to provide a unique composition.

From a professional point of view, I learnt a lot about composition from you guys.  You were very organised, both in your approach to the day and emailing me back with ideas and queries. The videos and photos of the day are definitely worth showing our parents.

The children have had a variety of compositional experiences before, but this particular creation and experience was very emotive and rewarding for them.

Thank you for creating such a special and rewarding day for all of us.  We would be delighted to work with you again, in the future.

October 4, 2017


Regular Mum at Explorer Sessions

We have been looking for a weekly music group on a Thursday for ages. I just wish it had been running when my eldest was little!

We love coming every week and look forward to Thursdays! The half term family session was fantastic. My eldest is so excited about coming to the next one.


Regular Mum at Explorer Sessions

We come to explorers because I went back to work part time and missed the baby classes. He loves them! It’s a really enjoyable session with a good mix of songs, stories and activities. We really enjoy it and it’s even better that it is local. Its great seeing him watching and smiling at the older ones!

February 16, 2017


Regular Childminder at Explorers Sessions

This group is a great way to allow children to explore sound, music and rhyme with other children.


Participant of Bespoke School Project

I enjoyed it because it was great fun learning to play all the different instruments and hearing them all together.


Participant of Bespoke School Project

It was great to be able to decide on what to do, combining my ideas with everyone else's to make a big wow performance!


Participant of Bespoke School Project

What a great opportunity to learn new instruments and to make a new song about something we could relate to. Playing my guitar in a bigger orchestra was brilliant, especially working with professionals.


Participant of Bespoke School Project

It was a great experience, playing new instruments, and making up our own music. Even though we were given some guidance, we were allowed to improvise which was great.


Participant of Bespoke School Project

It was nice to know how to work together with other people and to keep time. As we worked together, I gained more confidence to perform and loved being part of the final performance.


Participant of Bespoke School Project

It was fun and I learned how to create music with simple objects. Playing the violin was strange at first, but once I got the hang of it, I loved seeing how the violin could be part of a bigger sound. It was good to work with Tess who was playing the recorder.


Participant of Bespoke School Project

I found it really good fun and very creative, because we did a lot of activities that we haven't done before.

July 20, 2017


Music Teacher - Crowdys Hill School

The Evolve Music team brought a unique experience to our school which has benefited the students in ways above and beyond our expectations. The opportunity to create music together, all on an equal basis, has brought both confidence and joy to the students. Many of our students would normally struggle to cope in this social activity and performance situation, but because of the professionalism and understanding of the team they were all able to shine as individuals. I would like to thank Ben, Claire, Charlie, Sean and Emma for making such a memorable experience for our students - thank you! 

May 3, 2017


Mum of family that took part in 'Tim Peake's' Science Fair workshop

Rated 5/5 for workshop enjoyment. ‘The best bit was getting to join in and play instruments. It was a good theme and allowed accessible engagement in music making’

February 16, 2017


Mum attending Explorers Sessions

My child's language, repetition and ability to follow instructions has come on leaps and bounds since attending an Explorers session. She often initiates the songs at home too.

February 16, 2017


Mum attending Explorers Session

My child loves coming to the Explorers sessions. They are really well organised and there is always a great variety of different activities each week. Great that you ran a family session in Half Term too!

June 27, 2016


Head Teacher

I think it was a hugely successful day - in terms of the children’s enjoyment and the high quality outcomes.  I loved the performance at the end of the day and the way they were so involved in “creating” linked to our village.  I am particularly pleased about our new school song which is just fantastic!  The words support our school values whilst at the same time being closely linked to our school context - and most importantly it sounds wonderful and the children are already very proud of it.  So, thank you very much!  We hope to work with you again in the future.

Penny Hay

Director of Research 5x5x5=creativity

'Working with Evolve Music has been inspirational, they bring high quality musicianship to an open studio environment that values everyone's contributions'.