About us

Our Vision

That everyone has the opportunity to explore sound, participate in ‘music-making’ and be creative.

Who we Are

Evolve Music is a community music charity based in Somerset in the UK. The charity was founded by husband and wife Ben and Beth Vleminckx with the aim to provide accessible music-making opportunities for vulnerable and hard to reach communities across the South West.

“Music can be extremely powerful! It brings people together from all backgrounds, allows people to express themselves and have fun!"

           Ben Vleminckx (Founder)

We work with a team of experienced and highly trained music leaders who deliver a programme of projects and regular workshops annually.

Drawing from a variety of experiences and expertise our team offers engaging, innovative and versatile approaches to creative music-making.

What we Do

Co-creation is at the centre of our work and we wholeheartedly believe that everyone has an innate musical ability. Through a hands-on creative process, our professional music leaders use games and exercises to extract ideas and skills from a group, enabling them to make music and explore a range of instruments.  We don't focussing on reading music or perfecting instrumental skills, but support, facilitate and guide people to freely explore sound and enable them to create original pieces of music in a collaborative and organic way using improvisation.
Our work is fully inclusive and enables everyone to get stuck in, have fun and express themselves individually, as well as part of a group. 

As an organisation we have three core strands:
- Families
-Young People 
- Adults

Within these strands we deliver a variety of regular programmes and new pilot projects which continue to trial and test new ways of working.
See the 'What We Do' section for more information.

The Evolve Music Team

Board Of Trustees

Music Leaders

We work with a team of highly skilled and experienced music leaders that deliver our core programmes.
Each of them bring an individual musical specialism and are experts in co-creation and working in the community.

What people are saying about us:

"Working with Evolve Music has been inspirational, they bring high quality musicianship to an open studio environment that values everyone's contributions."
Penny Hay, Director of Research 5x5x5=creativity

"It was such an inspirational day which was great fun. It was great to get the opportunity to play the recorder with a different group of musicians."

"It was fun and I learned how to create music with simple objects. Playing the violin was strange at first, but once I got the hang of it, I loved seeing how the violin could be part of a bigger sound."

"Wow! Rated 5/5 for workshop enjoyment. The best bit was getting to join in and explore instruments with my children. Thank you Evolve Music."

"The Evolve Music team brought a unique experience to our school which has benefited the students in ways above and beyond our expectations. The opportunity to create music together, all on an equal basis, has brought both confidence and joy to the students."
Hannah Brown - Crowdys Hil School, Swindon

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